“The problem is that we don’t have the right words to talk about this stuff.”

Jason Santa Maria, writing for The Pastry Box:

We talk all the time on our personal and periodical sites about the latest techniques for design, but how often do we break down new designs? I mean really discuss them, not just add them to a gallery of notable sites.

Aesthetics are just one lens we can use to look at web design. Culture, time, place, and technology are others. Some websites look and act the way they do because of the state of technology during the time they were made. The landscape of architecture was changed by the invention of steel, just as the landscape of web was change by Flash, CSS, mobile phones, and Retina screens….

If work like Bowman’s WIRED.com website was so wonderful, does the fact that it isn’t suited to today’s web diminish that fact?

And later,

The problem is that we don’t have the right words to talk about this stuff, let alone the right context to find common ground for real discussion inside our industry or the folks just outside it. If our eyes are only attuned to the latest shiny thing, we can’t possibly understand anything of influence or consequence.

For as long as I’ve known Jason, he has championed more thoughtful discussion in, about, and surrounding web design. I hope he never gives up the fight, as user interface design is becoming (if not already) the most ubiquitous form of design in our time.

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