A Week with Google Glass

Luke Wroblewski:

Almost a week ago I picked up my Glass explorer edition on Google’s campus in Mountain View. Since then I’ve it put into real-world use in a variety of places. I wore the device in three different airports, busy city streets, several restaurants, a secure federal building, and even a casino floor in Las Vegas. My goal was to try out Glass in as many different situations as possible to see how I would or could use the device.

A couple nights ago, I sat across the table from Luke at dinner (and later caught a pretty amazing show with him, Kristina, and Brad). He had his Glass in Vegas, and he rattled off some of the pros & cons he mentions in this article.

I still remain highly cautious about the actual utility of Glass, but I can appreciate Luke’s closing argument about its potential utility:

Any of these features alone could be considered magical, but together they’re a vision of the future.

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