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Cameron Moll Cameron Moll is a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida (United States) with his wife and four sons. He's the founder of Authentic Jobs Inc, among other endeavors.

This site is a compendium of design, HTML5/CSS3, DSLR video, Apple, mobile, and other miscellaneous banter.

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Today is World Water Day.

published 22 March 2013

Water World Day is a United Nations-sanctioned day for “focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m asking you to help me celebrate today, March 22, by donating to charity: water. There are other ways to celebrate, but in terms of trackable, meaningful contributions, I can’t think of a better way to deliver freshwater to those in need than through charity: water.

You might even consider donating your birthday, which is a fantastic way to encourage others to help you provide clean, safe drinking water. The team at charity: water unveiled a new design today for the site today, and it’s crazy easy to pledge. It doesn’t matter if your birthday is tomorrow or ten months from now. Register and they’ll notify you when the time is right.

Give your next birthday to charity: water

Depeche Mode

When Suzanne and I returned home from last year’s trip to Ethiopia, we had an entirely new appreciation for the convenience of clean water. Browsing the internets this morning, I stumbled on this video by Michele Guieu, who cleverly demonstrates the privilege of clean water enjoyed by so many of us around the world:

Join me once again in making a meaningful difference in the world. Even $1 is the equivalent of nearly two meals in Ethiopia. So imagine what $1 worth of clean water production can do to change a village, a child, a life every bit as valuable as yours.

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