Hired, a podcast about jobs, hiring, and company culture.

Hired, a podcast about jobs, hiring, and company culture.

Hired is a new podcast about jobs, hiring, and the culture within companies across the web. You’ll hear my voice each episode, along that of my co-host, Adam Spooner.

Episode #2 features Josh Brewer, principal designer at Twitter. We discuss how a team of 40+ designers interact, what they look for in new candidates, and kale chips and unlimited bacon. (Nom.)

For me, it’s a bit different being on the other end of the mic asking questions rather than responding to them, having done a number of podcast recordings as an interviewee. It’s a lot of fun sitting in the host’s chair, but I’m finding it takes practice to drive the conversation and ask follow-up questions. I’ll improve over time, I’m sure. But bear with my scant awkwardness in the meantime.

See also episode #1 with Charles Adler of Kickstarter.

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