As of a few weeks ago, Authentic Jobs and portions of this site have been running on Happy Cog Hosting. So far it’s been very reliable, and the customer service has been top-notch.

The doors are now open for a limited public beta. But take note, this isn’t a replacement to your $10/month host. Instead,

It’s for people who are tired of managing their own infrastructure and would rather have someone else do it. It’s for sites with impressive traffic and bandwidth requirements. It’s also not for people who want to manage every aspect of their infrastructure through a feature-saturated control panel. It’s about professionals working with professionals and delivering respectful, attentive service. It’s rock-solid, white glove hosting for people who cringe at the idea of hosting.

There’s only one plan and only one price: $799/month. If you’re running a LAMP stack implementation and fit the profile above, please get in touch with me here or on Twitter. I have some invitations I’d love to hand out.