“Goodbye, San Francisco.”

Noah Stokes, on moving away:

Don’t get me wrong, we left an awesome community of close friends. I left an amazing community of professionals (hello, gentlemen). I was in the heart of billion dollar, zero-revenue, businesses. Start-ups. Mash-ups. Money. Undeniably, the hub of all things web. But I gave all these things up for something more, something real. For the past three weeks I’ve been working on the web, but I’m no longer in the web. It feels awesome.

Honestly, this is a beautifully written piece. For many of the same reasons as Noah’s, I passed up a chance to work at Apple and now live in a retirement town laden with the elderly, tourists, a gorgeous beach, nearly devoid of a web community. In the end, it’s the right place for our family — not just my career.

It’s also worth noting I spent most of my youth in Antioch, northeast of San Francisco. Noah’s article hits home even harder as that comes to mind.

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