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Cameron Moll Cameron Moll is a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida (United States) with his wife and four sons. He's the founder of Authentic Jobs Inc, among other endeavors.

This site is a compendium of design, HTML5/CSS3, DSLR video, Apple, mobile, and other miscellaneous banter.

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Nexus 7

published 18 July 2012

Google Nexus 7

On Monday, I purchased an Asus/Google Nexus 7, mostly for testing purposes. It arrived the following day (yesterday).

I’ve had it in my hands just 12 hours, so take the remarks that follow with a grain of salt. However, because I also own a Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Amazon Kindle Fire—all of which are roughly the same size as the Nexus 7—I’ve got a pretty good handle on what works well and what doesn’t for 7” tablets.

In no particular order, my initial impressions:

The obvious question that begs to be asked is one that involves a reference to iPad and a murderous label. As solid as the Nexus 7 is, it’s unlikely a killer. I was enamored by both the PlayBook and Kindle Fire during my initial time with each, and you might say I’m equally enamored by the Nexus 7. However, weeks later neither device stood up to iPad. Now they both gather dust when not used for testing. I worry the Nexus 7 will suffer the same fate.

And with a smaller, less-expensive iPad just around the corner, I’m willing to bet Nexus 7’s time in the spotlight will be relatively brief. But as an Android alternative to iPad, it’s the best tablet I’ve had my hands on thus far.

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