This short piece was shot and assembled last week during my first proper visit to Brooklyn — or the entire state of New York, for that matter.

Prior to speaking at Brooklyn Beta, I spent a day exploring Brooklyn. I took the recommendation of others to begin at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, working my way to the Brooklyn Bridge and ending at the Manhattan side of the bridge. The entire journey took me 5 hours, though one could do it in an hour without a tripod, lots of stops for photos/video, and lunch at Pete’s Downtown. (I’ve mapped my footpath on Google Maps.)

Brooklyn Beta was astounding, especially for a first-time conference. The speaker roster was diverse, the audience roster even more impressive, and the venue an inspirational backdrop. Twitter feedback is still rolling in as I write this, and yet the conference ended three days ago. Kudos to Cameron Koczon, Chris Shiflett, and many others for pulling it off.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones and Mailchimp sponsored the event. Coincidentally, the text for my slides was set in Knockout, and Jonathan Hoefler, Knockout’s type designer, happened be sitting in the audience. Jonathan and I have exchanged emails a couple times, finally meeting one another at the conference. He struck me as a humble guy who has every reason not to be humble — a champion and craftsman of influential typefaces and typography in our industry. It was really a pleasure finally meeting him.

At the 0:11 mark in the video above, you’ll see the gear I used:

The shot where I’m filming my gear was done with a Canon HG10 camcorder. Music is “So Long, Lonesome” by Explosions in the Sky.

Thank you, Brooklyn. You’re absolutely lovely. I’ll be back to see you again next month for Future of Web Design.