It’s clear by now dust is gathering at this domain. I’ve been okay with that, and will continue to be okay with it, but only a little longer. I’ve been swamped with obligations on my current projects and have traveled much more than usual. I’ll visit NYC for the third time in a month starting next week, for example.

More importantly, I’ve realized I need to realign the focus of this site. The tumblog, light-narrative format is definitely enjoyable, and it’s helped me blog more frequently, as well. But I’ve realized it’s not entirely what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Without doubt, linking to and editorializing others’ articles takes just as much skill as writing one’s own. However, I find it doesn’t challenge me creatively as much as authoring my own stuff. I progress most efficiently as a designer and thought leader when composing and criticizing my thoughts rather than others’.

To this end, I plan to author more original content soon, but it’ll take a while to figure out the right approach for that. Hang tight, and follow me on Twitter, Google+, Dribbble, and Instagram in the meantime.

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